Virginia Hall - a Restrospective

“With her childlike face and round glasses, Hall looks like a little girl playing at being a grownup, although her graying hair says otherwise. She arrived in town in 1979, and is now known as the Grande Dame of Tubac artists. She seems as mysterious and challenging as her paintings. In her studio, unfinished paintings in the palest mist of black and gray hang on the wall.” Vera Marie Badertscher, Arizona Highways.

Virginia Hall, an artist whose paintings are informed by her Buddhist practice creates large abstract forms that embody the quiet contemplative feel experienced upon entering a shrine.

Virginia has resided in Tubac since 1980 where she built her home that also housed her studio and gallery. She hosted numerous exhibits at her home gallery over the years and later built a separate studio and guest residence on the property.

When the Iron Bird Flies

“Self Arising,” 1998, Permanent collection, Tucson Airport Authority

Exhibit Review


“Most of the paintings comprise 36” square canvases treated as modules which are stacked, partnered, and juxtaposed in predetermined configurations. Through each could stand alone, they were conceived to work as a whole. Formal concerns – the relationships of shapes to one another, the tensions within the “frame” or each work, the interplay of elements are accelerated by the use of multiple canvases. Tight, controlled and precise, there is a tension, a pull between the canvases and the elements in each canvas. Boundaries are established, as though in some areas movement and playfulness are allowed but in others are not.” – Joanna Stuhr, Curator of Exhibitions, Tucson Museum of Art, September 1998

From the book, “Steven Meckler Photographs, Tucson Artists” 1995

After the Blood - Elder Woman 1994

After the Blood,” the Elder Woman collection was presented in Virginia’s home gallery, November 19 – December 30, 1994.

The Architecture of Ashes - 1993

1993 – 1994

Inspired by the writings of C.G. Jung and Eastern Studies as well as contemporary thought in Transformative Art, Virginia Hall continues to explore the creative process.

Since 1991, an interest in imagery of sacred geometry along with continuing development of painting techniques has produced a body of work around geometric configurations.

Geometry is our template, a very old friend. There is generation. There is recognition. There is agreement.

Casas de Angeles - 1992

The first exhibition in Virginia’s home gallery in 1992 was the Casas de Angeles, works in black and white. The black and white theme comes full circle in her newest exhibit, “Summation,” at Tubac Center of the Arts, November 2019.

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